The Witness

The Witness is a higher state of consciousness recognized by all spiritual and religious traditions.  While it goes by many different names (like Presence, Mindfulness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, etc.), the experience of it is the same.

Before we explore this in detail, it’s important to know that trying to describe higher states of consciousness, is a lot like trying to describe love.  No matter how well it’s done, it is incomplete, and pales in comparison to the actual experience.  With that said …

The Witness

Think back to a time when you lost your temper.  One moment you are yourself, and the next you are overwhelmed by your emotions.  This process of losing yourself to your emotions is a common feature of the human condition.

When you regain your composure, you reenter a normal state of consciousness that is driven by your thoughts.  In this state, self-talk is constant, and consists of patterns you have accumulated over your life.

Just like emotions can overwhelm your thinking mind, your thoughts can overwhelm who you really are.  In fact, most people live their entire lives without truly knowing who they are.

So who are you?

By entering The Witness state of higher consciousness, you realize through experience that your are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, and you are not your physical sensations.  Rather, you are what hears the voice, feels the emotion, and senses the world around you.  You are the observer.

Waking up to this reality is the first step to taking control of your life, and breaking free from the unconscious patterns you have accumulated since birth.  That’s why, as your coach, our first goal is to help you achieve this state quickly, within 2 weeks.  Guaranteed.

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