The Awakening Process

Many people mistakenly believe that Waking Up is something that happens, like an event. One day you’re asleep, and the next you’re awake. While it can happen this way, it typically takes some time to integrate an awakening.  And the bigger the awakening, the longer it can take.

Really big awakenings often trigger emotional responses. This can include fear, regret, anger, hate, self criticism, doubt, loathing, etc.  With time, these emotions are processed in ways that allow you to align closer to who you really are, given your new awareness.

Then the process repeats … over and over again, as the faulty programming inherited from our past is reconciled. It is in this way that we come to know who we really are, and align with our life purpose.

That’s why people who have recently become “woke” or “born again” are often fierce and emotional in support of their new awareness.  It can take years to process their emotions and realign with their new reality.  Over time, they’ll recognize inconsistencies in their new alignment, until the process repeats in a new awakening.

“Being Woke or Born Again is like awakening from one type of slumber, only to reenter another”

People on the path understand that they are unconscious on many levels, and embrace the recurring nature of the awakening process.  Attaining The Witness state of higher consciousness is an important step that can greatly accelerate your journey.

If you’d like to experience an awakening of your very own, check out The Awakening Course.  To learn more, please check out The Witness.