About Jay

Jay grew up as an Italian-American Catholic, where he attended a parochial elementary school, and served as an alter boy in his youth.

As he entered early adulthood, inconsistencies between church teachings and the actual words of Jesus led him to adopt a modified view of Christianity.  (He later learned that Thomas Jefferson had come to similar conclusions, as summarized in his Jefferson Bible)

In the mid 1980’s, Jay bought a book about higher states of consciousness, and the various methods that can be used to attain them.  That led Jay on a journey of exploration, as he tried many consciousness raising techniques.  It also led him to create his first meditation product called MindWaves Googles (now the MindVizor).

Along the way, Jay noticed that despite a multitude of different terminology and techniques, all of these higher states of consciousness shared commonalities in approach and results.

Then in the mid 1990’s, Jay saw an interview with Father Thomas Keating, revealing the previously hidden Catholic tradition of contemplative prayer.  This confirmed Jay’s belief that all religious and spiritual traditions, on some level, share a common relationship with these higher states of consciousness.

The result is this website, and a very simple and comprehensive approach for his clients.